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ALPHA TITAN: An alpha-return investment manager that has achieved far superior risk-adjusted returns than its peers through skill-based investing. An Alpha Titan possesses a powerful investment edge in sourcing alpha and managing risk that has enabled them to become a dominant professional in their field of specialization *.
The Alpha Titans Investment Proposition

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Alpha Titans LLC was launched in October 2007 to exploit evolutionary changes in the hedge fund industry that have resulted in significant competitive advantages for top multi-strategy “Alpha Titans” managers. The founding premise is that evolutionary changes in the hedge fund industry now enable superior alpha diversification to be achieved through a concentrated portfolio of multi-strategy Alpha Titans versus the more traditional approach of wide diversification among many single-strategy specialists.

In short, focusing an investment portfolio on a small number of superior Alpha Titans achieves nearly identical alpha exposures while integrating additional sources of alpha that are unavailable to single-strategy specialists. Diversification among highly-proven Alpha Titans also incorporates the additional benefit of superior risk management. (see Why Alpha Titans?)

Alpha Titans LLC is located in Santa Barbara, California. The Founding Partner has more than 20 years of experience in trading and allocating to alpha-return strategies in the hedge fund industry.

* The term “Alpha Titan” is a definition of a new breed of manager in the hedge fund industry that has recently evolved and did not previously exist. The investment objective of ALPHA TITANS LLC is to identify and achieve exposure to specialized investment managers that meet this definition. ALPHA TITANS LLC is not an Alpha Titan.
Who are the Alpha Titans of the hedge fund industry?


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